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Outfits For Weddings In Your Thirties

What to wear to a wedding in your thirties? This is the age where you are neither too young nor too old. So, be very careful while dressing up. A slight mistake, and you are doomed. If you are a lady with a short height and balanced figure, then you can wear a lehenga and shawl at a wedding. You can even wear your wedding outfit if it’s the wedding of someone close like your brother or sister. Mostly Pakistani people do this. But while wearing your wedding attire, go easy on makeup and jewllery. If you have a little bulky figure in your thirties, go for gowns or embroidered kurta and pants.

Have a look at Ayesha Omer looking extravagant in silver-golden lehenga and red dupatta. The way she had tied her hair in a bun and accessorized her outfit with tikka, earrings and glass bangles is mind-blowing.

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